Afraym Gerges

I craft powerful websites that work for you, and love the thrill of the hunt when they don't. I'm a seasoned PHP and Laravel developer with 8 years of experience. I don't just build websites, I build websites that thrive. I'm an expert in website optimization, so your site will be lightning fast and rank high in search results. Need a WordPress wiz? I've got that covered too! And to make it all tick, I'm fluent in MySQL, ensuring your data is stored securely and efficiently. When things get buggy, don't worry - I love debugging the trickiest issues. I'm also comfortable wrangling Linux servers, so your website will have a strong foundation to grow on. Let's work together to bring your web vision to life, and make sure it runs like a dream. Here's what sets me apart: Code with a kick: I write clean, efficient PHP and Laravel code that's built to scale. Speed demon: I'm obsessed with website optimization. Fast loading times and happy users guaranteed! WordPress whisperer: From custom themes to complex plugins, I can unlock the full potential of WordPress for your project. MySQL maestro: I can design and manage databases that keep your website running smoothly. Debugging detective: I relish the challenge of untangling even the most complex website issues. Linux wrangler: I'm comfortable configuring and maintaining Linux servers for optimal website performance. Ready to take your website to the next level? Let's chat! 👨‍💻💻

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